Flirty Friday – Gunnar Nelson

After returning from an absolutely amazing trip to Iceland with my family, I thought I'd share a piece of this beautiful country with you. Of course there is the magnificence of the natural beauty of Iceland- with everything from waterfalls, lava fields, volcanoes, black sand beaches and of course the northern lights... but there is also beauty … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Gunnar Nelson

Flirty Friday – Sam Hunt

I honestly can't remember if we've featured Sam Hunt already for Flirty Friday...but you know what, if we have- who cares!  We are sharing this sexy man with you again for a number of reasons, a few of which are- 1) he's hot, 2) we just got tickets to his concert in a few months, … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Sam Hunt

Flirty Friday- Hollis Chambers

Happy Flirty Friday!!! We have been busy getting back into the daily routines that so often go by the wayside during the hecticness of the holidays. I'm not sure about you, but I finally feel like things are somewhat back to normal in my household- and I'm beyond thankful for that! To kick off our … Continue reading Flirty Friday- Hollis Chambers

Flirty Friday – Patrick Dempsey

A recent conversation led to this week's Flirty Friday feature... Patrick Dempsey. We adore Patrick Dempsey! He is like a fine wine who has just gotten better with age. Wether you first saw him in Can't Buy Me Love back in'87 or are a fan because of his role as McDreamy in Grey's Anatomy...I'm certain … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Patrick Dempsey

Flirty Friday – Alex Minsky

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, we have been spending time thinking about everything in our lives we have to be thankful for. We both have amazing children and husbands, successful careers, friends we can count on, families we actually enjoy spending time with, our health and a tremendous amount of happiness. We are … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Alex Minsky

Flirty Friday – Orlando Bloom

Yes!!! It's finally Friday... our absolute favorite day of the week! I feel like we are constantly saying "man, it's been a long week", and yet again, this week is not unlike the others. Nonetheless, it's Friday and it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend weather-wise in FL, and is actually going to get down … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Orlando Bloom

Flirty Friday – Jesse Williams

I was sitting here this evening watching the news to find out the path of hurricane Matthew, and as it ended, Greys Anatomy came on. I haven't seen that show in what seems like forever, and although I used to be a dedicated weekly watcher, sadly I didn't even realize that it's still on! But as … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Jesse Williams

Flirty Friday -Scott Eastwood

Well, hello, Friday! I've missed you, you son-of-a-gun! The past few weeks have been hectic at work and at home as everyone is easing into school and homework and soccer practices. Life is busy, so Fridays hold even more excitement. This Friday, I'm bringing you a real hottie, who is not only famous for his … Continue reading Flirty Friday -Scott Eastwood

Flirty Friday- Zachary Vazquez

Here at Pink Lace...we love some Zachary Vazquaz! We love him in costume, in underwear, dressed in a suit, acting in an awesome role, and of course half naked. He's hot and he's a super nice guy. We've both had the privilege of meeting him on a couple of occasions, and he's just genuinely a … Continue reading Flirty Friday- Zachary Vazquez

Flirty Friday – Diego Arnary

This week we bring to you the divine Diego Arnary. He's a breathtakingly gorgeous model and actor from Bogotá, Columbia. Born on June 17, 1980, he has starred in many tv shows in Columbia, but his modeling career has spanned numerous countries across the world. One of my favorite things about Flirty Friday is that … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Diego Arnary