Flirty Friday – Anthony Recker 

It's baseball season! I've always been a fan, growing up watching the Cleveland Indians and now the Tampa Bay Rays. I love the sport, but I also love the guys that play the game. Today, I thought I'd find a baseball hottie in my favorite position- catcher! Welcome Anthony Recker! He's played for the A's, … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Anthony Recker 

Flirty Friday – Dylan Bruce

Back in my day, I did watch soap operas - Days of Our Lives and General Hospital. Then life hit and my time for the indulgence faded with the time. So, I'd never seen Dylan Bruce in As the World Turns where he played his most famous role before Orphan Black. At a party, someone … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Dylan Bruce

Flirty Friday – Kevin Kiermaier

Baseball season has started and Nat and I's obsession with Tampa Bay Rays' Kevin Kiermaier is back in full swing. Not only is he an amazing athlete, but he's good to his fans and charitable to the community. Plus, it certainly doesn't hurt that he is so very easy on the eyes! Happy Friday #39! … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Kevin Kiermaier

Flirty Friday – Gunnar Nelson

After returning from an absolutely amazing trip to Iceland with my family, I thought I'd share a piece of this beautiful country with you. Of course there is the magnificence of the natural beauty of Iceland- with everything from waterfalls, lava fields, volcanoes, black sand beaches and of course the northern lights... but there is also beauty … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Gunnar Nelson

Flirty Friday – Irish Style

Happy St. Patrick's Day! My counterpart, Natalie, is off trouncing around Iceland with her family. I've sat around with anticipation, waiting for the pictures to flow in. And in doing so, I thought I'd add a little spark to this St. Patty's Day Friday - some men in Hollywood of at least some Irish descent. … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Irish Style

Flirty Friday – Justin Hartley

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard, or watched or are obsessed (like I am) with "This Is Us". It has got to be one of the best network shows that's been on TV in a really long time...if not- ever. The emotions and laughter that it brings out are always so relatable, … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Justin Hartley

Flirty Friday – Sam Hunt

I honestly can't remember if we've featured Sam Hunt already for Flirty Friday...but you know what, if we have- who cares!  We are sharing this sexy man with you again for a number of reasons, a few of which are- 1) he's hot, 2) we just got tickets to his concert in a few months, … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Sam Hunt

Flirty Friday – Tom Brady

As an Ohio State fan, you all will understand how hard it is for me to post a Michigan alum as our Flirty Friday. The only refuge I have is the fact that Michigan hasn't beat Ohio State in a while and then only once in over more than a decade. But this weekend is the … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Tom Brady

Flirty Friday – Tyler Hoechlin

And BOOM - it's Friday! If you've had a week like Nat & I, then Friday couldn't come fast enough. To help us celebrate the coast into the weekend, I'm going to introduce most of you to our latest Flirty Friday feast - Tyler Hoechlin. Yum! He's played in the series Teen Wolf for several … Continue reading Flirty Friday – Tyler Hoechlin