Bad Boys After Dark by Melissa Foster

Bad Boys After Dark: Mick Melissa Foster Publication date: June 22nd 2016 Genres: Adult, Romance The Bad Boys are a series of stand-alone romances that may also be enjoyed as part of the larger Love in Bloom series. . Indulge your inner vixen… You asked for naughtier lovers, with the same fierce loyalty as The … Continue reading Bad Boys After Dark by Melissa Foster

Dirty Sexy Secret by Nazarea Andrews

DIRTY SEXY SECRET by Nazarea Andrews An adult, contemporary romance (Green County, #1) .99¢ for a limited time! Purchase here: Amazon: Kobo: BLURB: Even when you know better…. There are a million reasons why Hazel Campton is off limits: she’s a journalist. I’m a cop. Oh, and she’s my foster sister. My secret … Continue reading Dirty Sexy Secret by Nazarea Andrews

You Don’t Know Me by Faleena Hopkins

You Don’t Know Me by Faleena Hopkins Publication date: August 17th 2015 Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense Synopsis: She was a cop and he, a vigilante with a secret. It could never work. Police detective Kara Monaghan and wolf Curragh Dominion are after the same evil Russian mob boss, but by very different means. When they randomly meet in a bar … Continue reading You Don’t Know Me by Faleena Hopkins

Pretty Broken Girl by Jeana E. Mann – REVIEW

Pretty Broken Girl: An Unconventional Love Story  Jeana E. Mann Publication date: September 28th 2015 Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Adult Synopsis: A smart, practical girl. A handsome, vengeful man. The passionate retelling of a marriage gone wrong. Dakota Atwell did a terrible thing. She sold her soul to the devil, and the man she loved along with it. Now, by … Continue reading Pretty Broken Girl by Jeana E. Mann – REVIEW

Rage by Elizabeth Reyes

What happened in chapters 19 - 24?: Clair wants to know if AJ and her mom are dating. Clair tells AJ that she thinks her mom is currently with her father, Fred, but she’d told AJ she had a last minute thing at work. AJ confronts her about Fred and Addison tells AJ the truth … Continue reading Rage by Elizabeth Reyes