Cindy – Guest Reviewer


Cindy was born in Ohio, grew up in Canada, but eventually moved back to the Buckeye State, (even though we yell, “Roll Tide!” in our household), where she and her husband live in a very small town with their two kids and three cats.

Growing up she loved reading Nancy Drew and spent her hard earned babysitting money buying as many of her mysteries as she could. But it wasn’t until recently when she rediscovered her love for reading and a whole new “mommy” genre. She’s come to enjoy reading so much, borderline obsessed, her husband thought it would be funny to hide her Kindle from her one day. Not his wisest decision.

Aside from reading, she’s a dance mom and baseball mom. She enjoys traveling back to Canada to visit family, going to see the latest Disney movie with the kids, watching Downton Abbey, and just relaxing at home.