Flirty Friday – Gunnar Nelson

After returning from an absolutely amazing trip to Iceland with my family, I thought I’d share a piece of this beautiful country with you. Of course there is the magnificence of the natural beauty of Iceland- with everything from waterfalls, lava fields, volcanoes, black sand beaches and of course the northern lights… but there is also beauty to be found in the people who live there.

One such person is Gunnar Nelson, an Icelandic mixed martial artist who is currently ranked as number nine in the Ultimate Fighting Championship Welterweight rankings. Not that we condone violence in any situation, but we do appreciate athletes… and Gunnar Nelson is definitely an athlete. He is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has been playing football and hockey since he was a child. And of course we aren’t just picking Gunnar because of his talents in the ring, we know why you’re here today, and we didn’t want to disappoint you.

Enjoy Gunnar Nelson and all of his Icelandic charm!

Happy Flirty Friday!



**Pink Lace & Silver Buckles does not make any claims to these photographs. They were pulled from Google Images**

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