Flirty Friday- Hollis Chambers

Happy Flirty Friday!!!

We have been busy getting back into the daily routines that so often go by the wayside during the hecticness of the holidays. I’m not sure about you, but I finally feel like things are somewhat back to normal in my household- and I’m beyond thankful for that!

To kick off our weekends as we so love to do, we are featuring Hollis Chambers this week for Flirty Friday! You may have seen him on the cover of one of your favorite steamy novels, or you may just have a board on Pinterest that is solely dedicated to him and all of his hotness! Whatever the case may be… he’s absolutely gorgeous and we hope you enjoy him 🙂

hollis-chambershollis-chambers-02Hollis Chambers01.jpghollischambers04   HollisChambers06.jpgHollisChambers07.jpghollis-chambers03 HollisChambers05.jpg

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