Flirty Friday – Luke Pell

This week I was driving to work in the morning listening to the Bobby Bones show and this guy Luke Pell was on. Anyone who knows me knows I do NOT watch shows like the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Now, there’s nothing wrong if you do and if you do, you probably knew who Luke Pell was before I did. He was one of the bachelors on the most recent Bachelorette. I listened to his interview – went to Westpoint on a sports scholarship, spent his time in the military serving our country and has always wanted to be a country singer/songwriter. Aside from the blip on the Bachelorette 😉 , he’s a pretty cool dude and the guy has a voice. Not to mention, he sang one of his original songs on the radio and it was incredible – I believe it was optioned by Darius Ruckers. When I got to work, I googled him! WOW! So, now I bring this handsome man to you, especially those of you that weren’t introduced to him on tv. Luke Pell!

One thought on “Flirty Friday – Luke Pell

  1. Luke was the real deal on BACHLORETTE first n last time I’ll watch the franchise. ABC really screwed Luke over for the lead as the Bachelor. Luke is a talented musician, looking forward to new releases. Besides being dropped dead gorgeous and altruistic , he is a BRONZE star war hero (heroic achievement in combat)

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