Flirty Friday – 2016 Mens Olympic Swim Team

I don’t know what’s been on the T.V. in your homes… but when ours has been on through this past week- it’s been tuned into the Olympics. There have been some absolutely amazing athletes competing so far! If you’re not watching then you’re definitely missing out. I mean, have you seen our women’s gymnastics team? They are amazing!  One of the most popular sports to watch in my home, however, is Mens swimming. Not only is our Mens team scoring well… but they are looking mighty fine while doing it (both in and out of the water)!

Here are some of the athletes representing America in our 2016 Mens Olympic Swim Team… if you haven’t been watching the Olympics so far, I can almost guarantee you will be after seeing these fellas! Enjoy some pleasant photos of Ryan Murphy, Nathan Adrian, Ryan Lochte, Josh Prenot and Michael Phelps.

Happy Flirty Friday!!!

 *Pink Lace & Silver Buckles does not make any claims to these photographs. They were pulled from Google Images.


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