Flirty Friday – USA Soccer

What an emotional week this has been. So much tragedy and unimaginable despair, that it caused us to seriously consider not posting for Flirty Friday. How can we possibly post about something so insignificant when there are so many more serious things going on so close to home?

We live only a little over an hour away from Orlando, where the horrific attack occurred a few nights ago, taking the lives of 49 innocent people so suddenly and injuring so many more. I’m sure whether you live as close as we do or thousands of miles away, it still has the same effect- this deep heartache that just lingers and even if you are going through the motions of your day, it’s still there.

Rather than cancel our Flirty Friday post this week, we decided to just take a moment to offer our condolences and thoughts to the families and friends of those who lost their lives or were injured in the attack in Orlando. One can’t possibly understand the grief you are experiencing, but maybe the outpouring of love and support that our country- and really the entire world- is showing, will bring some amount of comfort. We will not forget!

One thing that has brought a lot of excitement into our homes recently is soccer! We are watching USA win against Ecuador in the Quarterfinals as I write this post, and if you are not a fan of the game then you really should reconsider. It is not only extremely exciting and full of non-stop action, but the gentleman playing the sport are…shall I say…GORGEOUS!! America is strong and beautiful and the way our US Mens National Team is playing is a wonderful example of that.

Here are a few of our USA players- maybe this will convince you to become a fan! Enjoy the post and enjoy time with your family and friends this weekend- that is what is important in life.

*Pink Lace & Silver Buckles does not make any claims to these photographs. They were pulled from Google Images.

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