Tempting Isabel by Rissa Brahm

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Tempting Isabel - Ebook (1)Tempting Isabel Synopsis:

Luck. Lust. Love.

 Wedding planner Isabel Ruiz is cursed. Her hometown of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico agrees, considering her tragic track record. Alone and loveless, she creates fairy-tale weddings for others. Her only distraction? The occasional anonymous fling. So to avoid further tragedy, her rule, one–night–only, is never broken…

 Until Zack.

 Self-made millionaire Zack James is in town for his brother’s wedding, when a sudden spell of depression hits. Maybe burned out by his fast and luxurious lifestyle? Not even his two female companions hold any interest. 

 That is, until he meets Isabel. 

 She humbles and captivates him, reigniting his thirst for life. With her, Zack feels more alive than ever. To his delight—and her dismay—they share a deep bond, a sensual connection, and one mind-bending night.

 Zack must have her – to complete him. And Isabel must escape him – to save him.

 Their game of catch and chase leads to lust-turned-love. For Isabel, it’s fate’s cruelest joke. But Zack won’t quit, positive he’s the cure to her curse. Can he convince her to risk everything with him? Or will it all go south…in paradise.

 **Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language, and adult situations. HEA.


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That Kiss. Tempting IsabelExcerpt:

She was on a high.

When they left the club, the thick Vallarta heat immediately smothered them. It had just rained, torrentially so, it seemed. Isabel dodged and sidestepped around puddles in her tall, narrow-heeled sandals.

Why she wore anything but flats when she knew she was one big accident waiting to happen, she’d never say out loud. But at five-foot-two, she justified that style and stature were just too important. Especially in her line of work. And since fate had left her alive to breathe and walk, then she’d damn well look decent doing it.

And Zack offered her his hand like a gentleman, making sure she didn’t fall. Vallarta’s cobblestoned streets and potholed roads were a challenge. And although she was becoming somewhat of a master at navigating life’s uneven ground, she’d had plenty of collisions with the earth because of the inconsistent stone streets of her Vallarta.

Yeah it’s the cobblestone, or the waiter, or the mop bucket, Isabel, that’s the issue. Right.

Whatever, she was just glad to have her hand in his, for balance and for the seemingly perfect fit of their fingers.

Don’t get used to this, Isabel! Just don’t.

They reached his parking spot on the street back at the Five Breezes Resort, and she smiled at the hot red sports car. Such a bachelor, but one with damn fine taste. And rarely did one of her evening companions open the car door for her. It was sweet. He was sweet.

And God, too damn sexy.

But he made her feel just as sumptuous. She felt his eyes indulge from behind and sensed him examining her every curve as she smoothly and deliberately folded herself into his passenger seat.

“Thank you,” she said, getting wetter between her thighs with the idea of him above her. Soon. But, God, not soon enough.

With a wink and that delicious smile of his, he shut her car door. And at that exact moment, a bus passed, followed by a tidal wave from a Vallarta street puddle. It rose up and over him. And his car. And clear over to the sidewalk.

Isabel shook her head, scared to look. When she did open her eyes, she saw Zack dripping wet outside her window, like a sad, wet dog, a look of awe on his face, his hard chest heaving.

And there it is.

Case in point for her one-date rule. Thankfully, a minor one. Past examples on her sexual escapades—a fender bender with John a month back, and three weeks ago, Drew from Germany had incurred a huge bruise to the head, and to his ego, from a tree limb they’d walked under—all served as important reminders for why she’d made her rule in the first place. If broken, the puddle or the concussion no doubt led to something far worse, far more permanent.

Never again.

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website: www.RissaBrahm.com

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Author Central: amazon.com/author/rissabrahm

RomanceAuthorRissaBrahmZoomedRissa Brahm Bio:

Contemporary romance author Rissa Brahm grew up in New York and has since lived in all four corners of the United States, and beyond. The beautiful paradise of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico—the core setting of her soul-deep & sensual debut series, Paradise South—is Rissa’s most recent and beloved home.

When not chained-by-choice to her MacBook, she is embarking on outdoor adventures with her husband and little girl, eating amazing Indian food with something chocolate for dessert; reading good, hot scorchers in bed; biking, long walks, and yoga; zoning out to killer music from across the decades and the globe; and getting lost only to discover a new exciting route home again.

Tempting Isabel, Book 1 of the Paradise South series, releases May 24, 2016, followed by Taking Jana, on June 14th and Catching Preeya on July 8th. To learn more about Rissa and her next romances of the series, visit her website or shout out to her on Facebook or Twitter!


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