Flirty Friday- Lucas Arantes

It’s finally arrived ladies….IT’S FLIRTY FRIDAY!

Damn was this a long week! I’m not sure if it’s because the end of the school year is drawing near and everyone is anxious for summer to arrive, or what- but emotions and melt downs were running high in my house this week. So what better way to relax than to look at numerous attractive men and be tasked with narrowing it down to one to feature for this week’s Flirty Friday post.

I decided on the Brazilian model Lucas Arantes! And I’m certain that you’ll agree that he is well deserving of this week’s post. Lucas had aspirations of becoming a professional soccer player, until a debilitating injury ended those dreams and so he shifted his path to modeling. He is 6’3″ of hotness and I hope you enjoy admiring at him as much as I do!


*Pink Lace & Silver Buckles does not make any claims to these photographs. They were pulled from Google Images.

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