Review- Legal Desire by Jessica Jayne

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Jessica Jayne

Released February 19th, 2016


Sage doesn’t mix business with pleasure—certainly not after he’s been burned.

Being one of the top plaintiff’s attorneys in the Tampa Bay area requires focus

and he can’t afford to lose that focus again. But a difficult case has Derek

looking to a new attorney for assistance and she brings more than her legal

expertise to the table.

Raina Dillon spent her first couple of years as an attorney at the public

defender’s office, defending criminals and learning more than she ever

imagined. Now, she’s ready to take on the legal world at one of the Tampa Bay

area’s premier law firms. What she doesn’t expect is Derek Sage.

Can they put their attraction aside or will it consume them?



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 Nat’s Review:

I am a huge Jessica Jayne fan and have read all of her books, and let me tell you that this one doesn’t disappoint! It has all of the elements that make for a steamy contemporary adult book. One of the things that I enjoyed most was the silly and sometimes sarcastic banter between Derek and Raina.

Raina is a new attorney in the law firm that Derek works with. She not only possesses beauty, but she’s extremely intelligent, and although her Mother filled her head growing up with false ideas of where women belong in the hierarchy, she has achieved this incredible new position with a very well know law firm. She does not go unnoticed by Derek, who immediately feels a connection with her, and requests that she work on a case with him. This is where their romance begins and completely takes off! I love their relationship and the passion that they share. Their conversations are real and I absolutely love their first date!! He took her to a Rays baseball game… which I have to say is my favorite MLB team. The two of them find it difficult to keep their hands off of each other, though they both feel a sense of caution with the attraction they share. Derek- because he had his heart broken a few years prior by a woman he thought he loved, but turned out that she was only toying with his emotions and using him. Raina is cautious for other reasons- she loves her new job and doesn’t want to screw things up. The wonderful thing about this is that they communicate with each other about their feelings. I hate it when characters in books hold everything inside.

The sex scenes and flirtation in this book are HOTTT and so well written!!! Derek and Raina are sexy and playful and I adore them! There’s also the element of suspense in this book with the trashy defendant in the case that they are working on- makes for some really exciting scenes!

I give this book 4.5 Silver Buckles! It has everything you’ll want for a fun and sexy read! And hey, it takes place in St. Petersburg, Florida- where it’s always hot… so that makes it even better!

Definitely read this book!!

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Jessica Jayne is a born and raised small town Ohio girl,

who moved to the Sunshine State after graduating from college. She graduated

from college with a bachelor’s degree in English. What college major could

possibly be better than one that makes you read novels and write about them!

Now she is thrilled to be able to share all the stories floating around in her head!

Jessica loves to travel and travel often! She’s a huge sports fan, especially

college football and the Ohio State Buckeyes! She’s a wine-making (and

wine-tasting) aficionado. She loves all music. And nothing is better than

sunset at the beach!

In the journey of life, she also married a wonderful man and had three

beautiful (and sometimes crazy) children. Life is always an adventure.



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