Flirty Friday: David Beckham

Flirty Friday: David Beckham


Today it is finally Friday!!!! Hope none of you are hungover from partaking in too much St. Patty’s Day festivities and green beer! It’s been a busy week of reading, book reviews, moving to a new home (for one of us)…. and now we get to celebrate by looking at some pics of a super fine guy!

This week I chose David Beckham! Soccer season started last week for our kiddos, and so I suppose soccer is on our minds -maybe that’s why I decided on him for this week. It could also be because he’s SUPER hot, covered in tattoos, loves his family and has a pretty nice ass (haven’t you seen that commercial of him running around in his underwear?!?!) Or maybe it’s because I’m hopeful that one of these days, we’ll arrive at the fields only to find that someone like David Beckham has come to coach our teams. Until then, our husbands will have to do!

So enjoy him and this coming weekend… I know we will!



**Pink Lace & Silver Buckles Book Blog does not make any claims to these photos, they were pulled from Google Images.

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