Flirty Friday: Edward Wilding

This is my favorite day of the week and I’m pretty sure it is your’s too! Somehow, it always seems to take FOREVER to arrive!

On Monday, I turned a year older, so this week has been one of self-reflection. I’ll admit it, I turned 34! I still consider myself to be pretty young (or at least young at heart) with lots of opportunities in my future- in so many areas of my life. During that self-reflection, I thought about the many changes I’ve experienced over the last year, so many of them wonderful and I’m beyond grateful for. I’ve never been good with change, I’ve always needed that consistency in my life, so they have been somewhat challenging- but have completely transformed my life. Moving to a new home, in a new neighborhood and starting a new job at an amazing company, lead me to feel so imensely thankful to be living the life that I do.

I’m not quite certain what all of that has to do with today being Flirty Friday. I’m actually pretty sure it doesn’t have anything to do with Flirty Friday, I just felt the sudden urge to be a tad bit emotional. But I know why you’re here, and it’s not for me to get all mushy…. it’s to see some hot gentleman. And today, I have the super handsome Edward Wilding for you. He is young, but that’s ok. He’s so handsome and has been modeling all over the world and I just think he’s adorable. So, here you go… Edward Wilding!


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