Every Time He Leaves by Anna Karington – Review

Every Time He Leaves by Anna Karington 

Publication date: September 25th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Synopsis: I’m different now. I won’t be that girl again. I’m in control. I’m the one who’s going to leave him wishing he’d given me his everything when he had the chance…

Lana Raeven and Jarek Dean shared a night of passion, but the next morning, she woke up alone. Nine years later, Lana works as a successful event coordinator for a prestigious company. Bold and confident in every area but love, she hasn’t ever recovered from Jarek’s abandonment. However, a chance encounter with her former lover grants her an opportunity to take back her power.

Rather than chastising him for his cruelty, she plays unfazed and invites him back into her life. Using her ingenuity and sensuality as weapons, she draws him in with the intention of destroying him as he once destroyed her. But her plan for revenge isn’t as simple as she initially believed, for the more time she spends with Jarek, the more she’s reminded of why she loved him. And if she isn’t careful, she could lose him all over again.
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26819064-every-time-he-leaves?ac=1

Nat’s Review:

Now that I finished Everytime He Leaves, I can say that overall, I enjoyed certain aspects of this story. The novel in a nut shell is about Lana and Jarek, who became best friends in late childhood, after her family took him in as one of their own. He was the only person who understood her and after her Father’s sudden death, he was there to help her through the tragedy- but only temporarily. Because within a matter of a couple of weeks of his death, after they shared their first intimate experience, he quickly vanished- with not so much as a “goodbye”. Fast forward several years to the present, where Lana is now successfully working on her building her career, and Jarek suddenly reappears in her life. This brings about all kinds of emotions within Lana, but the attraction between the two of them is difficult for her to resist.

The storyline was really good and would have had me hooked, if it weren’t for the communication issues that Lana has with Jarek. She has all of these pent up emotions- things that she wants to say to him and questions that she wants to ask about why he left so suddenly, but she holds it all inside. I really struggled with this. Maybe it’s because I am completely the opposite, and am unable to hold my emotions inside, but I don’t think that it’s just me. I have a feeling that anyone would find this characteristic frustrating. And this is carried throughout the entire book. So I would find myself really trying to get into the story, only to end up completely annoyed with Lana, forcing me to put the book down. Anna Karington has a very descriptive writing style, which at points through the story creates some beautiful scenes, but I felt like that was overshadowed by the almost self-deprecating characteristics of Lana. Not that Lana felt she did anything wrong when it came to her past with Jarek, but when she outright says she “hates Jarek’s guts” for what he did to her, and then has sex with him in the same scene- it just makes it difficult for me to understand. Her character was clearly struggling with how to handle her feelings, that part I can sympathize with-but if that’s the case, then tell him that!

The other part that was a peeve for me throughout the story was that every time they were about to have sex, it was the same line- he/she grabbed the “condom and lube”. It’s great that this couple was so consistent at having protected sex… but do we really need to read about the lube every single time? I just found it to be a bit redundant and unnecessary.

What I found interesting was that after I finally completed the novel, I spent several minutes reflecting on how things transpired in the final scenes. It was actually a bit shocking when it was revealed why Jarek had left all those years earlier. This part of the story was so well written, and truly made me feel for both Lana and Jarek. All of the pent up emotions from throughout the book (and trust me, there were a lot), were finally released and worked through between these two characters. I just wish this could’ve happened a bit earlier, so that I would’ve been able to really enjoy the relationship and chemistry they shared- because they clearly care so deeply for each other.

I give Every Time He Leaves 3 Silver Buckles.



It’s worth reading, because it is an emotional love story and you may not feel the same frustrations that I felt. I’ll be curious to read some reviews to see how other readers felt about this story.



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Anna is from Atlanta, Georgia. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and writing love stories.

Anna Karington is a pseudonym and fictitious persona.
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