Against the Wall by Jill Sorenson – REVIEW

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Jill Sorenson

Releasing on February 2, 2016



Fans of Katie McGarry, Simone Elkeles, and Tammara
Webber will love Against the Wall! As teenagers, they fell for each other
despite the odds. But now that Eric and Meghan are all grown up, they’re
reunited by fierce passion and dangerous secrets.
Eric Hernandez is the bad boy of every schoolgirl’s
fantasies—and every mother’s nightmares. But after serving time for manslaughter,
he’s ready to turn his life around. He just needs a chance to prove himself as
a professional tattoo artist. The one thing that keeps him going is the memory
of the innocent beauty he loved and left behind.
Meghan Young’s world isn’t as perfect as it looks. The
preacher’s daughter is living a lie, especially now that Eric is back. Tougher,
harder, and sexier than ever, he might be the only person she can trust. But
there’s no telling what he’ll do to protect her if he learns the truth, and that’s
a risk Meghan won’t let him take. And yet, back in the arms of the troubled boy
with the artist’s soul, Meghan can’t help surrendering to the man he’s become.

Review by Gina

I had not read The Edge of Night where Eric and Meghan were introduced, but the author gives you enough about that story to get you engrossed in this one. Against The Wall can be a stand-alone novel and I like that. So many novels these days require you to read the series. I like series, but I also like reading a book and that being that.

In Against the Wall, Eric Hernandez returns from a bout in the penitentiary for manslaughter. Being in a Mexican gang will do that. Sometimes it’s killed or be killed. He returns to April—his sister-in-law—and her new husband, Noah, to live until he can get back on his feet. The problem is he had a hot and sexy rendezvous with Noah’s sister Meghan Young before he left for prison and well—he just can’t seem to shake that from his mind. Plus, she’s all up in his face now that he’s living with her brother.

Meghan is pushing forward with college and has moved in with her ass of her boyfriend, Chip. I get the impression she moved in with Chip to get out of her brother’s house before Eric got out. But I assure, that’s not a reason to move in with a boyfriend and Meghan quickly learned about that.

Just a side note—Chip is an idiot. He pissed me off in this story. In part because he reminded me of someone I dated once and all the signals I received about his idiocy were so blatant watching them happen to Meghan. I was glad when she got rid of him. No amount of money makes a guy a good boyfriend or significant other.—End of rant.

Eric is a rough and sexy guy struggling to reign in his emotions about life, his crime and his feelings for Meghan. He’s broody. He’s dangerous. He’s quite literally a terrific bad boy. Meghan doesn’t know what she wants to do. Her mind tells her—as does her brother—to stay away from Eric, but her heart keeps dragging her down his road.

The characters are compelling. The story is interesting and exciting. Ms. Sorenson does a great job here.

I give Against the Wall 4 Silver Buckles!

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Jill Sorenson is the RITA-nominated author of
more than a dozen romantic-suspense novels. She has a degree in literature and
writing from California State University. Her books have been selected as
Red-Hot Reads by Cosmopolitan magazine, and have received starred reviews from
Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal. Sorenson currently lives in
the San Diego area with her family. She’s a soccer mom who loves nature,
coffee, reading, Twitter, and reality TV.

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