Flirty Friday – Nick Bateman

This post is up a little later than usual today because I decided to take a “mental health day” today from my other job and just have a chill kind of day. Kids are in school. Hubby is working in the morning. So I have the house to myself. Wait? What? It’s quiet? That never happens. 🙂 Seriously, it never does.

So, here I am sitting, trying to figure out which Canadian hottie I’m going to share with you today. My Canadian sister from another mister provided me with a long list of men from Canada and I’m doing my best not to keep them all to myself. Up this week is Nick Bateman. He’s a 29 year old model and actor – living in California now. He has a range of looks, which I find incredibly appealing – sexy, devilish, boyish and fun. Who wants a guy that only has one look. He’s a social media mongrel. Welcome Nick to the world of Flirty Friday! We’re glad he’s here! 🙂

Pink Lace & Silver Buckles Book Blog does not claim any ownership of these photos. All were found on Google Images.

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